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Angela Ruby

Angela Ruby, Editorial Editor

“The quiet kid”, Angela Ruby is seventeen and a senior. She’s that quiet, shy, awkward kid that always tries to become invisible at the back of the classroom. If you really knew her, you’d know she has a love for photography, horror movies, older music, city lights, galaxies and thunderstorms. Two of her favorite bands are Nirvana and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Her biggest fears are change, speaking (yes, in general) and crowds; you’ll notice that almost instantly when you meet her. Angela loves old and simple, such as reading a book late at night. Almost always, she has a book in her hand or in her backpack that she is reading for her own pleasure. She’s the type of person who will stay up all night with you if you were feeling down or just wanted company. She dreams of helping others overcome hardships since she’s been in them multiple times. Angela enjoys conversing about controversial topics and giving an opinion. Get to know her, you might be able to break her shell and experience how she really is.

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Angela Ruby