Holly Berries in Ludlow

Holly Berries in Ludlow

Angela Ruby, Editorial Editor


Beauty is simple and everywhere, regardless if you notice it or not.

In this photo, the first thing you notice is the berries. Yeah, they’re pretty and all but what about the glaze of ice? How about the sun shining off the glazing of ice?

It’s beautiful, but it’s ignored.

The simple beauties of the world are ignored or are acknowledged and beaten down. Most people talk about the dangerous aspects of ice.

It can cause a car accident.

It can make someone fall and get hurt.

It can deceive someone in what its thickness of safety really is.

It’s all true, but how about the intricate lines, or shattered pieces that makes it look like single colored stain glass? How about icicles and how they look like frozen tears or like it’s meant to be a “scary” defense mechanism for whatever it is home to.

The ice on the berries is glowing and looks like it’s a safety blanket. It’s protecting the berries and their beauty.

We ignore the beautiful aspects of the world because we see them and look over them. We’re too busy worrying about if our hair looks good, if our favorite music artist is going to win an award, if our phone isn’t working right and if our parents didn’t pay the Netflix bill.

Why not stop for a moment and just take a moment to realize that our world is beautiful, regardless of all the bad things happening.