Library expands book collection

Angela Ruby, Staff Writer

The Ludlow High School library recently added over 250 books this year and Jamison Hedin, library media specialist, says that there are more to come.

“I’m trying to build up the nonfiction collection,” said Hedin, “But I also take suggestions from students.”

You can either tell her in person or check out the suggestion form on the library’s website.

Hedin recommends Crazy by Amy Reed, and The Fury by Alexander Gordon Smith.

According to Alexander Gordon Smith’s website, The Fury is “Imagine if one day, without warning, the entire human race turns against you. Every single person you meet becomes a bloodthirsty, mindless savage, hell-bent on killing you-and only you.”

The characters of the book must find out what’s happening before they are destroyed. It’s an action filled adventure book.

Amy Reed’s website informs readers that Crazy is “Connor knows that Izzy will never fall in love with him the way he’s fallen for her. But somehow he’s been let into her crazy, exhilarating world and become her closest confidante. But the closer they get, the more Connor realizes that Izzy’s highs are too high and her lows are too low. And the frenetic energy that makes her shine is starting to push her into a much darker place.”

Manga and graphic novel fans should be excited to hear that there is a shipment of new novels heading to the library. As of right now, only have the shipment has come in.

Not only are there new books in the library but there are new volunteers from the junior class. The volunteers are Hafsa Mire and Dialy Santiago. When asked why Hedin needed the volunteers she said “They just wanted to help.”