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The Art Of Storytelling: The Process In Creating The Yearbook

From Left to Right: senior Taylor Foster, freshman Karley Roman, junior Alexis Leab, senior Melia Pirog, senior Sofia Cheria, senior Emma Benard, and sophomore Juliana Bartolucci (front right)
From Left to Right: senior Taylor Foster, freshman Karley Roman, junior Alexis Leab, senior Melia Pirog, senior Sofia Cheria, senior Emma Benard, and sophomore Juliana Bartolucci (front right)

When everyone picks up their yearbooks on the last day of classes and signs them, leaving behind heartfelt notes and hilarious quips, you can picture it in movies. However, have you ever given any thought to how the yearbook is produced? Everything about the process, from the cover page to the last page, is planned. 

Yearbooks have been a tradition at LHS for what seems like forever. You are welcome to visit the library and go through all of the old yearbooks, which document the American high school dream of those who came before us.

Selecting a theme for the yearbook is not easy, says Mrs. Amber Kumpulanian, the yearbook advisor here at Ludlow High School. She emphasizes how the theme mirrors the essence of our school community and local history. 

This year’s yearbook theme is intertwined with Ludlow’s upcoming 250th celebration, incorporating nostalgic elements and throwback photos to capture the essence of our journey.

The yearbook’s design and layout are directly related to the selected subject. The editors work nonstop over the summer break to combine textual and graphic components that logically bring the book together. The layout and design team must work to make their vision a reality as the school year progresses. They continuously integrate their experiments with various color schemes and photo layouts to find the ideal harmony between style and utility. 

The yearbook’s sections each offer a unique set of design options and difficulties. Every page, from class portrait placement to the selection of unposed photos of school life, is painstakingly designed to evoke feeling and convey a gripping tale. In the end, the yearbook crew wants to make sure that the designs are meaningful to LHS students and staff.

Ensuring diversity and inclusivity in the yearbook is paramount. Kumpulanian outlines the multifaceted approach, utilizing staff photographers, a professional photographer, and student submissions to capture a wide array of perspectives. 

Technology applications like HJeShare allows for seamless photo submissions, while the software’s tracking feature ensures equitable representation for all students beyond just their class photos. They “feature lots of pop-ins throughout the book and interviews,” Says Kumpulanian, which allows students to feel connected and a part of something.

Favorite Features: A Personal Touch

While Mrs. Kumpulanian emphasizes the personalization infused into every aspect of the yearbook, students also have their own favorite sections that hold special significance to them. The most popular ones are superlative sections and sports pages. Each aspect is curated with a personal touch and diligent care. 

Kumpulanian underscores the journalistic feel of the book, emphasizing the dedication poured into every detail, elevating it beyond a mere collection of “pictures and names.” From capturing memorable school events to spotlighting unique talents or achievements, each page represents a cherished memory and is a witness to the collective efforts of the yearbook team.

As co-editors, juniors Savanna Ferrabelo and Alexis Leab share their connections to the yearbook. Ferrabelo says that she favors the sports section of the yearbook the most because “that’s what gets worked on most by the students who take the class.” It fills the co-editors up with excitement when seeing their hard work materialize on paper in the sports section of the yearbook. 

Leab adds that creating the yearbook is a “great opportunity” and allows her to express “creativity and bring it to life.” The value of friendships that are created through the class, and the experiences that all the editors share echo the sentiment of Mrs. K. For everyone involved, the yearbook transforms from a class to a colorful mosaic filled with endless memories and possibilities.

Encouraging Student Participation

Engaging the student body in the yearbook creation process is a collaborative effort. Surveys, interviews, and photo submissions through the HJeShare app foster a dynamic interaction between the school community and the yearbook team. 

Mrs. Kumpulanian emphasizes the importance of this alliance in ensuring a comprehensive representation of our very own high school experience. When flipping through the yearbook pages you’ll often find all sorts of photos that come from student submissions. The yearbook team tries their best to incorporate all the different photos so you’re not “stuck” looking at the same group of people time and time again.

Participating in yearbook production offers invaluable educational experiences. Mrs. K highlights how the class prepares students for real-world challenges, instilling responsibility, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. From mastering software like InDesign to honoring their journalistic instincts, students emerge from the yearbook class equipped with essential life skills.

The communication skills it takes to create the yearbook include collaborating with peers, interviewing people for features, and conveying ideas effectively through writing. Not only that but students who are in your book learn to balance the demands of their school work with the yearbook responsibilities and it teaches the importance of prioritization and meeting deadlines, all circling back to time management.

For Mrs. Kumpulanian, seeing the culmination of students’ hard work each year fills her with “immense pride.” The dedication, growth, and camaraderie displayed by the yearbook team are proof of their commitment to excellence. Reflecting on her own journey as a former yearbook editor, she recognizes the enduring impact of yearbook skills as invaluable life skills for students. 

As students flip through the finished product, they see more than just photos and captions; they see reflections of their High School experience, immortalized in print. In this way, every feature becomes a personal touch, connecting readers to the moments that defined their journey through LHS.

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