District teachers receive Chromebooks

District teachers receive Chromebooks

Angela Ruby, Staff Writer

This year every teacher in Ludlow High has a Chromebook to use for their classes. Chromebooks are a Google-based laptop and teachers can access all of the Google apps.

LHS wasn’t the only school that got Chromebooks. Every school in the district received them.

“Ludlow High has received 200 Chromebooks alone and every teacher has one. The district budget paid for them, not the school,” said Principal Lisa Nemeth, adding that they cost between $200 to $260 per laptop.

The purpose of the Chromebooks is to make things easier and faster for teachers. They are using it to access email, grades, and any Google app.

“Instead of a student handing in an English essay on paper, and the teacher having to make corrections on it, the teachers can just have the student email it and they can make corrections from there. It will be much easier,” Nemeth said.

Not only that, but teachers can access anything they need to on the Chromebook s long as they have WiFi.

There will also be Chromebooks available for students.

“There will be a new test coming out in a year. Instead of the MCAS, it will be PARCC.”  explains Nemeth. “PARCC is an internet based test.” Nemeth says that students will need the chromebooks to take the test.

The Chromebooks will also allow students to see their grades on the portal much faster because teachers have the quick access. Not only that, but Chromebooks will most likely better class time because it allows teachers to be ready before class starts. As soon as class starts the notes can go up and students can begin taking them, most likely getting the full lesson done.

History teacher Brain Bylicki explains how he feels about the chromebooks. “It’s great. There are some glitches but it’s a positive step,”  he said.

A glitch about the chromebooks is that the teacher evaluation software cannot be accessed because the Chromebook is google based. Once the glitches are fixed the Chromebook will be perfect, teachers say.

Bylicki uses the Chromebook when he uses the overhead projector and he a likes the internet access it affords outside of school.