The last few months of senior year

Angela Ruby, Editorial Editor

The amount of days the seniors have left are dwindling down into the 20s.

As I begin my countdown, I’ve begun reminiscing on all the times I’ve had throughout my four years I’ve spent at LHS and I become nostalgic.

I can recall memories from my freshmen year and how I absolutely hated it, only because I was a terrified freshmen.  I precisely remember my physics class and all the crazy things that had happened in that class from someone having a fear of styrofoam to someone swinging in between the tables and their hands slipping and them falling. I remember the egg drop where I had to create a barrier to keep an egg intact as it was dropped from the 2nd floor.

Then in my English class, I had one of the most interesting teachers there was to have. It was Ms. Smith and she was most definitely not the average teacher. On the side she would edit movies such as I Am Legend and she would tell the class about her pets, which were a coyote and a hedgehog. She always had stories to tell the class and never failed to amaze her students. I also failed history for the first time that year. History isn’t my strongest subject.

My sophomore year was almost a blur to me. All I can really remember was my math class and how I was somehow passing it. That would have to have been my easiest math class since I actually understood most of what I was taught. Not only was this my first year taking journalism, but it was the year I failed history for the second time. History really isn’t my strongest subject.

Junior year was not my year. It seemed to be the hardest and most stressful. There was so many things going on all at once that I could barely keep up. Math class was the worst and it had to be the worst mix of students, between kids who get in constant trouble and kids who never get in trouble. I couldn’t grasp onto the teacher’s teaching style either and I seemed to have had the class at the worst time of the day, 5th period, which is also the extended period due to lunch. Not only that but, there was this girl who would always get scared by the bell for lunch and by her getting scared, I’d get scared me. I passed History somehow; I actually loved history that year, thanks to Mr. O’Connor.

Senior year is the strangest year of them all and for some reason, I feel like I haven’t grown up. It doesn’t feel like I am a senior whatsoever but I know I have grown up and I am graduating very soon. It feels like just another year of school and that I will be returning in the fall, but I won’t be. Being a senior is supposed to feel like you’re on top of the world in the way because it’s the last chapter of adolescence. We’re supposed to feel like we’re superior because we’ve been at the school the longest but I feel like a sophomore who has just gotten the hang of highschool and now I’ll have to get the hang of being an adult.

It’s insane to think of how far I have come, how my grades have improved, and how my mindset has changed. There wasn’t a time in my life where I pictured myself graduating, I just knew it was something that would happen eventually but now that it’s going to be happening in less than 3 months, it’s surreal. It’s going by so fast.

Finals will be here before the seniors know it and the senioritis has already infected most of them.

These last few months are a wake up call and I’m sure it is to most seniors. The short amount of time reminds seniors that it’s time to realize that we are going to be adults. We are going to be off doing something we decided rather than a schedule we have to follow with classes that are mandatory, like math and history. It’s going to be our time to follow our dreams and do whatever we desire.