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2017-2018 Staff

Darren Peabody

Staff Writer

Darren Peabody is a junior at LHS. This is his first year writing for The Cub but hopefully not his last. Darren loves photography and sports. Darren runs cross country, indoor track, and plays baseball. He is an active student ...

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Allison Brissette

Staff Writer

Allison is currently in her junior year at LHS. She is a proud member of the Leading Lions, photography club, and the journalism club. When Allison isn't studying or doing homework, she's working hard at her part time job. Desp...

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Briana Deferreira

Staff Writer

Briana Deferreira ,17, is currently a senior attending Ludlow High School. Seeing as how it is her last year attending high school she has been looking into different colleges in hopes of finding her perfect match. As of now sh...

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Anna Belculfine


Anna Belculfine, 17, is in her third year of journalism and is currently a Junior. She is also the Editor-in-Chief for The Cub. This school year, she is striving to continue making high honors/honor roll and to look into some coll...

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Anna Orlandi

Feature Editor

Anna Orlandi is finishing her high school career as a Senior this year, but she is excited to begin her first year in journalism. She loves to write and meet new people, and can’t wait to bring this passion to her articles. A...

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Lauren Dutton

Sports Editor

Lauren Dutton is a Senior at Ludlow High School. This is her first year of journalism but she is excited to be able to interview others and write. Lauren is currently the captain of the softball team and loves playing the spor...

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Ariel Vital

Staff Writer

Ariel Vital is a Freshman at LHS this year and it is her first year of journalism. She is a smart and funny girl who spends a lot of her spare time with friends and family. She wants to pursue a life of fashion and she planes ...

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Sophia Furlani

Staff Writer

Sophia is a hardworking student whose main goals throughout all of high school are to get good grades and graduate. She always tries her best to succeed with every class, especially her favorite subject, Art. Sophia considers ...

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Kellie Salmond

Staff Writer

Kellie Salmond, 17, is a Senior going into her first year of journalism. She is excited to learn how to perfect her writing, and to write articles for The Cub. She is a former LHS cheerleader who cheered at football and basketb...

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Lauren Teixeira

Editorial Editor

Lauren Teixeira, 16, is entering her first year of journalism. As a junior she finds herself most often on the soccer field or in the pool, as soccer and swimming are her favorite sports. Lauren plays both sports for Ludlow Hi...

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Bryanna Ferreira

Staff Writer

Bryanna Ferreira (Bree) is a sophomore who is currently in her first year of journalism. She loves to write and is very dedicated to her articles. In the future, Bree hopes to become a print journalist for a popular magazine o...

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Autumn Haggerty

Staff Writer

Autumn is fun to be around. She is funny and creative She likes to spend her free time hanging out with friends, watching T.V ,and working out. She's a freshman and this is her first year in journalism. She likes to write, she's reall...

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Tea Goncalves

Staff Writer

Tea Goncalves is a sophomore at LHS. This is her first year in journalism. Tea is outgoing and loves to make new friends. She is easygoing but loves to give advice. She enjoys watching sports including football, hockey, and baseball....

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Lara Cadete

Staff Writer

Lara likes hanging with friends, family, and her dog Toby. She loves to go on vacations to cool places like Portugal, where she’s from. She mostly spends her free time watching T.V. and working out. Lara loves writing and int...

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