LHS Juniors say farewell to Seniors

Angela Ruby, Staff Writer

About 100 students of the junior class have been coming together to prepare to say goodbye to the seniors and will perform the show on May 29 in the auditorium.

Senior farewell is an assembly put on by the junior class to send the seniors off into a new chapter of their life.

Juniors class advisor and Spanish teacher, Maria Fernandes, stated that the rehersals are going well but “It has been difficult to have students stay after school because a lot of them have jobs, sports, etcetera, but everyone is making an effort to put on a good show.”

The assembly will consist of skits with the setting of “Rob’s basement”, speeches from the class representatives and class advisers, a candle light ceremony, some slide shows of the seniors and their time at LHS along with a teacher goodbye.

Hannah Worpek, a junior participating in the show, said that candle ceremony is her favorite part because she thinks it’s really nice and sweet. “Its just really beautiful to see all the candles lit up around the whole auditorium. I think the seniors will love it!”

Also there will be the passing of the senior class color [red] to the  upcoming freshmen and the passing of the peace pipe between the LHS alumni.

Lastly, seniors will proceed to the halls and walk through them one last time. This will be their chance to say goodbye to their teachers, staff and friends all accompanied by the song “I lived” by One Republic.

Fernandes said her favorite aspect of Senior farewell is “Seeing how happy the seniors are for their accomplishments and even though they are happy to be done, at the end of the farewell most of them realize that they will miss their time at LHS. Its a bittersweet moment for most of them and for most of us teachers who have watched them grow up right in front of our eyes. “