Duck Pond at Stanley Park


Angela Ruby, Staff Writer

This photo was taken at Stanley park in Westfield, MA at the duck pond using a Galaxy s3 phone camera in January of 2014.


I began to fall in love with a camera when I was around 12. I always thought a photo can capture the beauty of the world that everyone dismisses because they are so caught up in the negative things of the world. I’m determined to show people that despite the wars, the killings that happen nearly every day, the abuse people receive, just everything that is wrong in the world, I want to show that there is more to the world than that.

Everywhere you go, there is beauty. You may not see it at first but if you stop and look around there is something beautiful such as a butterfly resting on a broken tree branch or like in this photo, You only see water, a bridge and trees at first but if you look deeper into the picture you can see some fallen trees but despite the “brokenness” there is life in the pond.

I don’t have a particular type of photos I take, I have a love for taking photos of nearly everything. I don’t really like taking pictures such as for sports. I like taking photos of nature, of people [other than sports or politics], and anything I set up that I think can tell a message or a story.

You could say my parents are supportive of me. My parents absolutely love my photos but aren’t too keen on me wanting to make it a career. I’m not too sure why but I want to make it my career. Why not have a job that you love, right?

My plans for the future regarding my photography is to improve my photos and also get a better camera so I no longer need to use the one on my phone, although the camera on the Galaxy s4 isn’t too bad.