7 Ways to Beat the Heat

Sarah Stephenson, Editor-in-Chief

School at LHS has become unbearable due to the heat wave that hit Ludlow last week. Considering that most classrooms don’t have A.C. students are searching for ways to cool down. If you’re one of these people don’t sweat it, here are 7 ways to beat the heat (or at least try.)

1.Wear cotton clothing. Cotton is a very breathable fabric and promotes air flow. Not only should you wear cotton clothing but wear loose cotton clothing, this will help you to feel cooler.
2.Apply ice packs to your pulse points. If you need to cool down fast put ice packs on the pulse points on your wrists, neck and behind your knees.
3.Drink plenty of water. Especially when it’s hot it’s easy for people to become dehydrated. Drinking water not only makes you feel cooler but it keeps you hydrated.
4.Turn off the lights. Many believe that this is a myth but light bulbs do give off heat which only adds to the already high temperature.
5.Avoid caffeine.This one goes hand in hand with number 3. Drinking caffeine causes you to become dehydrated.
6.Wear breathable shoes. This will stop your feet from sweating, which causes athlete’s foot.
7.Don’t eat high protein foods. When you eat heavy meals it makes your metabolic heat rise, which makes you hotter.

Think about these tricks before heading out the door for school this week.