I really like her … BUT…

I really like her ... BUT...

Felicia Robare, News Editor

Dear Felicia, I really like this girl but I don’t know how to talk to her. Can you help me?

Be a friend to her. Let her see who the real you is. Don’t be fake. Be there for you when she needs you the most.

Trust. Trust is the most important thing in any relationship. You need to trust that she will not tell anyone else what you tell her and she needs to be able to trust you with what she tells you.

Show your true emotions. Let her know if you are upset, mad or even happy, but don’t overdo it. She will do everything possible to try and make you feel better because girls hate knowing when someone is upset or hurt.

Honesty. Be honest with her and let her know about your past. No one likes sugar coating. Being upfront and honest may hurt, but in the end it is better that she knows the truth than be protected by a lie.

Feelings. Feelings are important to a girl. Let her know how you feel about her. Let her know if you like her, or if you like someone else. Don’t hide the truth because she will find out eventually and the outcome will not be pretty.

Compliments. Girls love compliments. No matter how much they say they don’t, they are lying. Almost every girl in the world puts herself down. You need to be the one that changes her thoughts about herself.

I hope this helps.

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