11 things every high school student should know

11 things every high school student should know

The Breakfast Club

Sarah Stephenson, Staff Writer

Looking back on my freshman year, there are eleven key things I have noticed that every student of high school should learn and practice. High school is basically an experiment scientists have used to study survival of fittest in human beings. Don’t get caught at the bottom of the food chain. Follow these eleven “rules” and you will walk out of graduation in one piece.

1. Your grades are important in high school. Often kids will say, “Dude your grades in high school don’t matter.” I’m not saying you have to become a genius but at least strive for C’s and above. If you don’t get decent grades in high school, it will be difficult to get accepted into college. Do your best to take your grades seriously now before it is too late.

2. No one likes a meanie, whether you say things to someones face or behind their back. Just because someone has different beliefs than you doesn’t make it okay to put them down.

3. The Drama Queen crown weighs heavily on the head. Do your best to stay out of other peoples lives and not talk negatively about others.You may think that it is your place to get involved in your friend’s problems but it’s not. Focusing on yourself will save you from unnecessary stress and help you to steer clear from being branded a Drama King/ Queen.

4. It is okay to be different than all of the other basics in your school. It is okay to be different than your fellow students, embrace it. This applies especially towards the girls. If you want to step away from the usual yogas and uggs uniform, do it. If you want to watch movies other than Mean Girls, do it. If you want to listen to music that doesn’t talk about being “up in the club,” then do it.

5. Posting about drinking and smoking on your social media doesn’t make you look like a “G.” This is a very bad idea considering that many colleges look at your social media accounts nowadays. Also this makes you look really stupid. When you brag about doing these things it doesn’t make you look cool, it makes people lose respect for you.

6. Not everyone wants to be your friend. High school isn’t a big kumbaya circle. People will dislike you, it is part of life. Try not to focus on those people and surround yourself with people who care about you. There is no need to have people in your life that don’t have a positive impact.

7. Your parents may be extremely lame at times but they love you and want to keep you safe. Don’t hate them for not letting you go somewhere. Your parents are always looking after your best interest. At times it is hard for us to realize this but dig deep and know that your parent’s verdict on your plans is out of an act of love, not punishment.

8. Cool teachers will help you get through high school. Find a teacher that you have a connection with and go to this teacher for not only academic help but for guidance in other things in your life. Plus these teachers are awesome for venting to about your common enemies, other teachers, and they can even come in handy for writing letters of recommendation for college.

9. Even though you hate about 90% of the school and don’t want to spend anymore time with these people than you have to, join some clubs and do some sports. Clubs and sports are a good way of spending your free time. You can meet new people that share the same interests as you. Plus, colleges look for “well-rounded” students.

10. You aren’t starring in a play; quit the drama. Don’t hold grudges. You spend eight hours of each day with the same exact people during the school year. You are bound to get into an argument with someone at least once, but learn to forgive. If you don’t hold grudges it will make it easier to go to school.

11. Don’t throw yourself a pity party every five seconds. High school isn’t supposed to be 100% torture. Focus on the good things in your life and try your best to have a good outlook on school. Wake up everyday and decide that you are in a good mood. The only one that can make you happy is yourself.