Is it hard to balance your life?


Felicia Robare, News Editor

Dear Felicia,

How do I balance work, school, my girlfriend, and sports all together?

The easiest way to balance everything together is simple.

School. When it comes to school and everything else, your school work should always be out first, and hopefully your boss would understand if you can’t come in, if say, you’re staying after school for some extra help in a class.

Try to get all of your homework done during the school day, such as DLT’s or extra time at the end of class, or even while you’re waiting for practice to start.

Sports and Work.If you are playing a sport, and work is interfering, try to change your hours or switch with someone. And let your coach know the situation too. If you get out at 5:00, but practice started at 4:30, just explain to him that you have work. He should understand.

Girlfriends. And as for your girlfriend, talk to your girl, let her know you have a lot going on and that you’ll try your best to still see her. Give her free time that you have. You guys don’t have to be together for hours on her. A few minutes here and there could still work throughout the week. Chances are she is probably busy too. Little texts like “I miss you” or “I’m thinking about you” can make her entire day better.

I hope this helps.

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