Is he REALLY cheating?

Is he REALLY cheating?

Felicia Robare, News Editor

Dear Felicia,
Recently my ex-boyfriend started texting me saying that my current boyfriend was cheating on me. I think he is just trying to break us up. What do I do?

First, talk to your boyfriend. Confront him about what is going on and talk it out with him. Explain to him that someone told you this and that you want to discuss it with him instead of just jumping to conclusions. Don’t accuse him of anything: Find out the truth.

After talking to your boyfriend, then go talk to your ex. Tell him thanks for informing you, even if it isn’t true. You never know if he overheard it from someone else or if he saw something personally. He could be just trying to protect you, or harm you. Just don’t be mean to him, whether he made it up or not.

Violence, fighting, and rude remarks to or about someone is not the right solution. Either way, don’t let him bring you down and don’t jump to any conclusions, you have trust in your relationship and in your boyfriend to know that something like this will not ruin you two.

I hope this helps.

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