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Sabrina Minic
When Sabrina Minic isn’t at school, she’s busy on the computer typing up her latest ideas for fictional stories, or reading another one of her 400-page-long books. Either way, she’s always involved in literature, one of her greatest passions. When reading starts to bore her, Sabrina enjoys swimming and volleyball, mainly staying active. She is still undecided on what she wishes to do in college, but there’s still plenty of time left for that decision. A healthy brain, a healthy body, and happiness are Sabrina’s top three priorities, and she lives her life by these three principles. Also being interested in the arts, Sabrina loves listening to music in her spare time and also drawing; something she’s improved in exponentially in the past few years with all the practice she’s been putting in. All in all, Sabrina Minic is the type to make a troubled person comfortable, ease a tense situation, and improve the overall atmosphere with her friendly and positive attitude. She’s the one you’d want to call up for advice, because helping others with their problems and lightening the mood are her specialties.

Sabrina Minic, Editorial Editor

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Sabrina Minic