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Ludlow High welcomes Leah Cook


One of the different faces to walk the halls of LHS this year as a staff member is the new Special Education teacher, Leah Cook.

Cook went to the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth mainly because of soccer recruitment. She got her bachelor’s degree in 2011 and now is currently aiming to finish Bay Path with her master’s degree next year.

Originally, Cook was not expecting to become a Special Education teacher. “When I graduated, I actually started off with a biology and chemistry double major.  I did that for two years while playing soccer. Then I took a year off. When I went back, I realized I didn’t want to spend my time sitting in a lab, so I switched my major to liberal arts.”

Cook started working full time in Somers, Connecticut in Somers district office in the office of Pupil Services. “I fell in love with it,” said Cook, with a pinch of passion in her voice.

“I needed to find a Massachusetts district teaching position for my graduate practicum. I got multiple job offers,” she said. Ludlow was the last interview she went on and it “Just felt right.”

After that moment, Cook officially decided to begin her position at LHS.

“I like how easy it was to become a member of the staff and feel part of a team. From my very first interview with Lisa Nemeth and the Director of Student Services, they were just inviting and warm. It really gave me a great feeling about the district. Everyone’s been really helpful and kind,” explained Cook, when asked about what she likes best about Ludlow.

When she was asked if she disliked anything about her experience at LHS so far, she lamented on the commute, taking the Masspike from Agawam to Ludlow, and having to pay money for tolls.

Cook’s goals are to become acclimated with the school, students, and staff. She claims it’s always an adjustment going from one district to another. Having a positive attitude towards Ludlow is definitely one of her aims. Another goal is to collaborate with her colleagues, as she is currently co-teaching four classes. Collaboration and working together is important to her. Her last goal is promoting student success by helping special education students gain independence in their studies. “Sometimes it’s not easy,” said Cook.

She also has a certificate in autism spectrum disorders. “I found it fascinating and there’s so many strategies to learn,” said Cook.

Outside of school, Cook enjoys going to the gym and getting in a nice workout. “I run about twenty miles a week,” she said proudly. She has had a fairly active life, aside from sitting at school and helping children. Cook has played high school and college soccer.

“And I make amazing baked Mac and Cheese!” boasted Cook. Every review she’s gotten about it was that it was “Out of this world!”

As Cook eagerly awaits the upcoming Holiday season, she says she loves Thanksgiving for the amazing  food, “It’s right around the corner!” exclaimed Cook. “I like Halloween, too! I love watching Halloween movies. My favorite Halloween movie is Hocus Pocus; I watch it probably three times each Halloween.” Despite her love for Halloween, Cook does not enjoy horror movies.

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