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New advisors appointed to the class of 2017


Former Class of 2013 advisors Kathleen Marino and Meredith Smith take on the incoming Class of 2017, determined and eager.

Marino and Smith both  feel as though the most challenging thing about being class advisor is getting students to participate in class events, especially with well over 200 children.

“[Activities] cost money and time,” says Marino. She explains they don’t want to spend a lot of money on activities that students will not be involved in.

Both Smith and Marino will stay with the class of 2017 for all four years.

“Last year I had the opportunity to advise the senior class with Ms. Marino and Mr. Augusto.  It was a really great experience, and I decided I wanted the chance to work with a group throughout their entire high school experience,” said Smith.

Helping kids enjoy their years at LHS with wonderful memories is one of Marino’s goals.

“My experience [at Ludlow High School] was wonderful because of my advisors,” said Marino.

The job of an advisor varies from assisting with fundraising, organizing field trips, helping out at various pride week events, and encouraging community service projects. Junior year, advisors assist with prom preparation and Senior Farewell. Senior year brings Senior Week, field trips, and graduation ceremonies.

“Right now, I am open to ideas.  Whatever we do, I hope it’s something that sets the stage for what the next four years will be like,” says Smith. She is coming up with  ideas for things the entire class can do and participate in.

Marino believes her purpose is to be a mentor and make the experience at LHS a positive one for the freshman this year, while Smith believes it is to try and get students involved in school activities with their classmates.

The advisors hope to have an open communication with freshman to see what they want to accomplish. After freshmen elections they will begin class meetings.

“I have a couple of freshman classes and I love them. I see great things for this class!” finished Marino.

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