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Senior Show 2024: Timeless


Family members, friends, and classmates tuned in this past Friday and Saturday to see this year’s Senior Show. The theme was ‘Timeless’, and featured a myriad of funny skits and impressive talent by the seniors of 2024.

The show began with a dance number featuring the whole senior class, which got the crowd excited for what was to come, and set the mood for the rest of the night.

The seniors did a great job this year creating a mix of funny skits that showcased important moments in our school, as well as in pop culture. Celebrities such as Donald Trump (Piotr Budzyna), Joe Biden (Theryn Pelletier), Will and Jada Smith (Sayla McHale and Emma Ellis), Taylor Swift (Abigayle Goncalves-Korny), and Travis Kelce (Adam Connors) were seen in multiple skits. My favorite was Presidential Jeopardy, where a classic and hilarious Joe Biden and Donald Trump rivalry occurred in the form of a Jeopardy game.

The Celebrity Dating Game was another funny one, in which three teams of famous couples competed. One was Will and Jada Smith, which touched on the infamous time that Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Academy Awards. Every time the host (Niko Coelho, who was host in plenty of other skits as well) mentioned his wife’s name, Will Smith responded with a slap to the face. Another very famous couple that were contestants in this show were Mr. and Mrs. Smith! (Luca Martins and Logan Costa)

They weren’t the only teachers featured in the show; many of the school staff, including teachers and admin, were contestants in Family Feud, where Mr. Pires (Caden Vilinskis), Mr. Olivera (Logan Costa), Mrs. Nemeth (Abigayle Goncalves-Korny), Mr. Mitchell (Triston Silveira), and others answered Ludlow trivia.

Nemeth and Mitchell (Malina Dinis and Diogo dos Santos) were also important characters in multiple skits, including the Ludlow Cops skit, which poked fun at the regulations announced every morning (no hats, hoods, or earbuds).

The skits also touched on culture, specifically from Turkey and Portugal (and even Poland) in the Turkey vs. Portugal skit, which featured a rivalry between the two cultures, specifically their food, music, and dance. Portuguese culture was also shown in Familia Portuguese, a skit about a classic Portuguese family get-together, which humorously touched on customs and traditions.

One of my favorite skits was Caught Smoking, which showed Mr. Mitchell (Luca Martins) catching students (Berat Kan, Jayden Egea, and Mason Marques) “smoking”, when in reality they were doing something innocent like cooking or yoga. I also liked Chaos in the Car Line, which touched on the crowded and irritating situation getting in and out of school. Mom Fashion Show displayed different stereotypes of mothers, like the yoga mom, the shape wear mom, and the helicopter mom. There were also dad jokes provided by Luca Martins in between skits, which ensured there weren’t lapses in the show and kept the good mood going.

The Senior Show also showed some of the talent at our school, like an incredible dance performance by Julia Valadas to “Runaway”, performed by Berat Kan. There was also a sentimental performance of “Good Riddance” by Allison Kehoe.

The final performance was a dance to “Time of My Life” and included a lift and spin, ending the show on a happy note.

Afterwards, people voted on their favorite skits. Tight Pants won at number 1, followed by The Greatinis, “Runaway”, and Familia Portuguese. The dad jokes and 12 Complaints of Senior Show tied at number 5.

Overall, the show touched on many aspects of Ludlow High School, and I think it was an accurate representation. It was a nice, and funny, way to wrap up the school year, and from what I’ve heard the seniors had a lot of fun with it (which definitely showed, they all performed great on stage and their excitement carried to the audience!). Senior show is a nice tradition that’s fun not only for the senior class but all grades, and encourages people to work with their class. It also raises money for the performing class, which is super important. I think it showed the potential of Senior Show, and I hope it encourages future classes to participate in their own shows! It was really fun to watch, and all the seniors did a great job.

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Eva Lasky, Staff Writer
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