Three common problems of being a girl

Sabrina Minic, Staff Writer

Girls around the world have many issues, most of which are common and may have a cure. For a brief overview, there are three of which that are the most common: Dieting, Hair, and the worst enemy… Jealousy.

You’ve made a commitment to begin a diet and kicked it off to a great start of a bowl of warm oatmeal with excitement. But then you’re confronted by a lovely slice of cake or a chocolate bar. Girls tell themselves: you can handle the temptation, do not ruin your diet, but that pep talk seems to always fail.

Next minute you are indulging on the chocolate mindlessly until every last bit is gone. Truth is I understand. Keeping a diet while standing face-to-face with a lovely jar of nutella is not easy. Maybe you can try again tomorrow. You and I can go on pushing off our diet another day, promising ourselves by saying “tomorrow for sure.” At this point, it is a troublesome lie that one cannot simply overcome.

Think that’s bad? Nothing is worse than a day with your hair not agreeing with you. We girls all get staticy hair that makes us look like Medusa. Solutions of a common girl are braiding hair, using up a life supply of bobby pins, picking up their hair, or wetting it. If you’re me, you’ll stick to straightening, patting it down until it stays there or just give up. Maybe if you have this hair problem on Halloween, you might even pull off being one of the Despicable Me minions with that hair of yours.

When you think the problems can’t get any worse, you get that pinch of jealousy. It’s a dreadful emotion that hangs over your head. Problems that develop jealousy range from: more exceptionally looking girls with that perfect bikini body you’ve been dying for, a girl dating your crush, or even the fact someone can sing and you simply cannot.

Girls tend to need more self confidence, it is the number one root of jealousy. With more self confidence, you will avoid many issues that arise without it. Poor self image can also cause this, but can be cured with a simple change in lifestyle or just accepting you are who you are and that no one can be like you. You are unique. The fear of being left alone can cause jealousy when “the new girl” steals your best friend. Having both lack of self confidence and poor self image can result in insecurity.

Jealousy causes your heart to fill with hatred or make you feel bad about yourself. Fix the flaws you see inside yourself and perhaps you will overcome one of the three common problems of a girl.