LHS drug search brings up controversy

Sabrina Minic, Staff Writer

There’s nothing in the world more abrupt than an announcement putting the entire school in a soft lockdown. That’s right, the day we place our bags in the middle of the hallway and return to class only to see the look on students face that might get busted become pure panic. This is the day of the drug search.

The drug search day is when most students have high hopes that the students who are notorious for being drug users and/or dealers get busted. That isn’t the case, most times. It frustrates me because sometimes the dope is actually inside their pockets, not bags or cars. How isn’t it obvious? If the students can figure out these kids have drugs in their pockets because they aren’t stupid enough to keep them in their bags, how can’t the staff?

After all the bags were placed in the middle of the hallway, cops and their German Shepherd K-9s got right to work. The most amusing part was when some students heard whining and a loud bark that splits the silent atmosphere right in half. Some students in the class jump right up, half triumphant, the other half with pale faces and the expression of horror becoming very obvious.

Sitting in a class, conveniently located beside the parking lot, I got the chance to see a great glimpse at the policemen in the back parking lot. They were taking quick glances into everyone’s cars to check for anything threatening or illegal, which appeared to be very lackluster effort to me. Policemen would look through a vehicles window, and take a swift look and then walk on. I feel like they would find something if they had looked a bit longer and closer. I understand if they did not have time on their hands, but I feel like if they are going to do such things as a drug search, it should be done correctly.

After class, it got me furious when I heard kids in the hallway either talking to each other about getting away with having drugs on them. The fact that those who got away with it had a smirk on their faces honestly disgusted me. How can students like that take pride in getting away with something that could potentially ruin their lives?

There’s no reason for people to bring either substances to school, you can live seven or eight hours without them. No one wants to see others smoking, snorting, or popping. School is a place in which students are to feel safe and to be educated, not exposed to such foul actions.

Walking to my classes, I sometimes notice people “shaking hands.” At first glance, you think “Oh, it’s just two friends catching up.” Then you notice the smile they have on is undoubtedly suspicious. They greet one another with a brief “Sup dude?” Chances are, they couldn’t care less how each others day’s had been. These are swift drug deals being conducted in the halls of Ludlow High School, right in front of teachers and staff yet they still fail to notice or take action.

It’s pretty bad if a freshman like myself and many others can pick out the flaws of the drug searches conducted here at LHS. I know for a fact that this school has a large drug problem weighing down on its shoulders. LHS needs to majorly improve the way in which drug searches are handled, and the teachers need to crack down on these druggies rather than the oh-so-dangerous water bottle addicts.