Three LHS teachers “Kiss the Fish”

Sabrina Minic, Staff Writer

Kissing a fish? Ew, who does that? Most Ludlow High School staff would have kissed the fish, but only for a great cause!

Lisa Nemeth, Katherine Dias, and Jennifer Prior-Ollquist kissed a fish on Tuesday, November 26th during all three lunches.

Students and staff could put canned goods and money into the jars for the staff member they wanted to see kiss the fish. All the money and can donations went towards the Mayflower Marathon.

“I decided to participate in the Kiss the Fish contest because it was for a good cause and I knew a lot of teachers volunteered so I figured my chances of winning were pretty slim.” said math teacher, Dias.

The math teacher added, “I was really surprised to hear that I was one of the winners.  I had no idea because at the end of the day the Friday before, I only had $.13, which wasn’t even close to Mrs. Prior or Mrs. Nemeth who both were over $100.”

Tuesday morning, Dias heard the news and laughed, “When I was told on Tuesday morning about the scheme that the other teachers in the math department tried to add cans to my name, I just laughed.  Leave it to Mr. Pires to come up with a way to have three teachers kiss the fish instead of just one.”

Nemeth decided it was a choice that did not require second thoughts, considering it was to help unfortunate others by providing food and money. “I was hoping Ms. Prior would have been the ONLY one to win, but I was okay with it. Baby wipes and vaseline on our lips helped a lot. It was fun!” said Nemeth.