LHS artist tells her story


Sabrina Minic, Staff Writer

Ludlow High School senior Amanda Oski has been intrigued by the idea of art for a long time. Around the age of 5, everything surrounding her seemed to inspire her to begin drawing.

“The main thing I tend to lean towards for inspiration in my artwork would have to be light, and trying to make things beautiful,” said Oski. She tends to enjoy drawing people most, and basically “realistic” art.  She shies away from things like cartoons or fantasy creatures and focuses on how things actually look.

When asked which she enjoyed more, digital art or paper and pencil, Oski looked away and chuckled, replying “Definitely paper and pencil.”

Out of her entire family, Amanda is the only one who is “actively creative” in painting and drawing. “My older sister draws very well, however she never follows through with her drawings. She much prefers being creative through her writing,” Oski pointed out.

Oski hopes to continue using her artistic skills in the future to chase her dreams of doing interior designing. When she was in elementary school, Oski had her mind set on becoming an architect. However, she has changed her goal: “Around middle school, I realized I really wanted to be an interior designer and be able to decorate and design the interiors of historic houses and make them a home.”

The tall, quiet senior primarily wants to go to a Boston college. “The one college I am looking into is Suffolk University in Boston,” Oski added. Suffolk is believed to have a very great design department.

One of the senior’s goals to improve in her art is to make things look more realistic than she already does.

Outside of school, Oski uses her talented skills to make many paintings for her friends and family.

“I also did the mural by McDonalds. I believe that was sophomore year,” Amanda added, “I worked on little parts of it along with all the members, so little bits and pieces of the mural I had a part in.” Oski enjoyed making the mural alongside the Art Club, which was led by Mrs. LaCroix at the time.