Boys Soccer Playoff Bound


Stephanee Bouthiller, Staff Writer

The Ludlow High School Varsity boys soccer team is 8-2-1 with already beating key opponents in their league. For the first time in years, Ludlow had started the season off undefeated up until their game against Longmeadow.

Ludlow managed to outplay Longmeadow. They dominated the possession but unfortunately gave up one goal. The score ended with 0-1,

“Being a part of this team means a lot to me. The team and I have come very far to get to where we are today.” says defensive varsity player Ben Woishnis. “I have no doubts in what we are capable of and am looking forward to the rest of the season. It definitely brought us closer after [losing the game]. If I could describe our team using one word, I’d use the word family.“

Senior Josh Labonte explained how the Longmeadow game was a learning experience for the whole team.

“Our team learned a lot that game. Nobody wants to lose a game, but it was definitely a wake up call for us. Experiencing this loss together taught us that we aren’t invincible and have to work as hard as we can to get what we are striving for”. Says varsity player Josh Labonte.

Despite their one loss against Longmeadow, Ludlow came back the next day against Central, winning 6-0. The following week, they also beat their biggest rival, Minnechaug.