LHS’s E-Sports Club Starts with Success


Ashley Quiterio, Health & Wellness Editor

Video games are a passion that many high school students enjoy participating in. Esports are a way for students to join in on the competitive scene of gaming. 

This year, Ludlow High School is participating in the spring season of PlayVS; an amateur ESports league. The team is ran by Mr. Sittard and Mr. Nascin.

Recently, a meeting was held regarding how ESports would work. 

What is ESports?

ESports is a competitive form of multiplayer gaming. Players compete in a tournament format against other teams in order to win the entire league. 

Similar to traditional sports, ESports requires skills such as teamwork, critical thinking and communication in order to get far. Even the official Olympics have recognized the legitimacy of ESports as a potential sporting activity. 

The Massachusetts School Administrators Association (MSAA) is partnered with PlayVS to run tournaments. PlayVS allows for both students and teachers to manage the program and compete with other schools. Competing with other schools is virtual, so there is no need to drive to other schools in order to participate. 

An Overview of the Meeting

The meeting started with an overview of what ESports is and how PlayVS works. 

Currently, the MSAA sponsors three games: Rocket League, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and League of Legends. However, Ludlow will only be participating in the first two games.

Just like a traditional sport, members of the ESports team are encouraged to practice with each other in order to build chemistry. Those who plan on joining the team are expected to commit— infrequent showings to practice or games are not allowed. 

Even though commitment is absolute, academics are expected to come first. Grades must be maintained above a 60 or else you will not be able to participate. 

Why Join?

There are many benefits to joining the ESports team, such as improving your college applications and possible scholarship opportunities. 

I asked Mr. Sittard for some benefits regarding joining, and he responded with: “College scholarships, definitely. Just in general, you can make some new friends and get that competition going. It’s something fun and a great activity; great sport to do. Just in general it’s good for college applications since it shows that you’re involved. It just beats sitting at home. You’re doing something that’s just really cool.” 

Student Opinions

There was a great turnout at the club fair. Many students put down their names and took flyers, showing interest in the club. 

Alexander Dionne, a pioneer in the LHS ESports team and seasoned Rocket League player, decided to start the club because he thought that others may also want to compete in competitive ESports. He was inspired by watching the Rocket League Championship Series on Twitch.

Zane Bauer, a Super Smash Bros. player, said in an interview: “I am just very proud and excited that ESports is being seen as such a big deal in the world of high school athletics nowadays, as it now gives students of all types a way of competing for their school while doing what they love. It is exactly what I think the school needs to fully diversify LHS in the athletic domain.”