The Cub

Alicja Kania
Being named Alicja, she has often struggled with people constantly mispronouncing her name. It sounds exactly like Alicia and the j is just there to look nice. Growing up in a Polish household, Alicja never really got out much as a child and can be pretty shy, but around her friends, is constantly getting yelled at to shut up. Especially for over-using terms such as “rock on.” Her friends are sometimes a little embarrassed by her actions but she never fails to make them smile. Also growing up with two brothers, Alicja never fully understood girls' crazy drama around school, but that turned out to be a good thing because she never got involved. You’ll usually find this five-foot-five brunette hanging out with her friends or dog, or you’ll just hear her really loud and obnoxious laugh from down the hall in school. You should never fail to stop by and tell her to keep it down, even though we all know she sadly won’t.

Alicja Kania, Staff Writer

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Alicja Kania