Program offered at LHS to help students recover credits


Senior Tyler Menard uses Aventa to help him recover credits.

Alicja Kania, A&E Editor

Ludlow High School uses an online program called Aventa to help students earn credit for classes they have failed in previous years or would like to take that the high school does not offer.

The program covers all basic academics, from freshman English and advanced mathematics. It costs students $200, while the regular cost of summer school is $160.

“It is a choice many students, especially juniors and seniors, prefer over summer school,” said director of guidance Linda Dwayne.

The courses count as a student’s seventh class. They will report to guidance and use the computers there. Guidance counselor David Breglio will monitor students as a normal teacher would during times of tests or quizes.

“I don’t teach any of the classes myself. It is important that these students motivate themselves,” said Breglio.

According to Breglio, students have regular assignments and class work just like any other class would, the only difference is it’s completed and turned in online. Once students complete their Aventa assignments they have the extra time to stay in guidance and finish any other work, or they may go back to their DLTs.

“I always have a printout telling me exactly how the students are doing with all their online work,” said Breglio. “It’s really an advantage to these kids because for just half a year of taking a course, they can already earn five credits.”

Students believe it is a good opportunity to retake classes.

“I took the geography class on here last year,” said senior Phillip Ozzone. “I think that the online education program really isn’t that difficult, and is actually easier than learning in a classroom. I benefited from it and would recommend it to anyone that needs it.”

Ludlow High School started using the Aventa program in January of 2011, but not many students are aware that the school even provides these online courses.

Last year’s deadline for the program was planned to be June 1, the program ended up finishing on June 30 and all students who needed to pass did. Some of the students did not attend their graduation ceremony due to the timing of the Aventa program deadline, but still proceeded to graduate.

To learn more about the Aventa program and credit recovery, students can go down to guidance and discuss it with their counselors, they can also visit the program’s website for all details and necessary information.