Senior Farewell 2013


Alicja Kania, A&E Editor

Ludlow High School held Senior Farewell in the LHS auditorium on June 3. The juniors and advisors worked hard to make sure the senior farewell would run smoothly without any major technical difficulties or issues.

Starting off Senior Farewell, “Scarborough Fair” and “Fire and Rain” played as background music as each graduating senior made their way off the stage. “Scarborough Fair” is a traditional song that has been playing at Senior Farewell since it was first organized.


After the seniors took their seats in the middle row of the auditorium, the concert choir made their way on stage and senior concert choir members joined them in singing “Star Spangled Banner.”


Junior class President Beraa Ibas went up to the podium afterwards and gave the welcome address speech to seniors. Following Ibas the senior concert choir went up again and performed “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”

Senior class of 2013 advisors, Mr. Mark Augusto, Ms. Kathleen Marino, and Mrs. Meredith Smith were then recognized and given their gifts by the senior class.


Following the class recognition, the junior class comedy skit began. It was called “Senior Class Trip” and started off with junior Matt Dent playing the part of senior Jeremy Lamontagne and giving morning announcements this led to the juniors acting out a mock bus crash on a deserted island.


Being nominated “worst driver” of her class, senior Elise Roberts was the one who got the class on the “island” in the first place.


From then on, the skit went on to the juniors acting out their parts and complaining and making humorous comments about the senior class until junior Steven DaCosta, playing the part of senior Jon Royce, states the obvious and tells the actors that they are not actually stuck on a deserted island, but on Haviland Pond.


“I think the show went really well. It ran smoothly and the skit was a hit,” says junior class president Beraa Ibas.


As  the junior actors filed off the stage, the class of 2013 executive board gave the audience a class history and then began playing the slideshow. The slideshow included many pictures of the senior class students ranging from pictures of their childhood up until their last prom.


After the photos were done being shown, senior Alyssa Fialho went up to present to the audience the Class of 2013 gift, which had turned out to be extremely different than the gifts given in the past. Fialho explained how after a long time of trying to figure out what to give back to the school as a gift, it had dawned on the seniors that just recently a couple of elementary schools in Oklahoma have been severely affected by the recent tornado, and the seniors generously donated their class gift money to help them.


Student council president senior Kara Baillargeon then went up to the podium and gave the state of the school address.


As soon as Baillargeon finished, the junior candle holders came out and lit their candles around the auditorium as “My Wish” played in the background, and following after the lighting of the way and after the juniors and sophomores cleared the room to go stand out in the hallways, teacher farewell came on the screen.


After the seniors’ teachers had wished them all the best on screen, it was time for the seniors to make their last walk around the building together to their theme song “Hall of Fame”.


Giving and receiving hugs and getting wished all the best from juniors, sophomores and freshman the seniors made their sentimental and meaningful journey through the hallways of Ludlow High School for the last time.

“Overall, the effort our class put into rehearsals paid off because we did a very good job with the ceremony and wishing farewell to the seniors,” says junior class president Beraa Ibas.