Sweethearts: an unusual romantic story

Sweethearts: an unusual romantic story

Alicja Kania, A&E Editor

For those of you with long-lost best friends, or those of you wishing you could start over, this is the perfect story to read. This novel really makes the readers feel for the protagonist, Jennifer, as they put themselves in her place and try to imagine what they would do under her circumstances. Jennifer ends up being faced with many hard-to-make decisions many of us could relate to at some point in our lives; though hopefully, won’t have to. Imagine always being the loser of your class, mocked and isolated. Suddenly though, you finally manage to make a friend. A friend who always sticks up for you, loves you, and never fails to let you down, bonded by a secret they wouldn’t dare tell a soul. Now imagine him disappearing one day without a trace or a goodbye.

Jennifer couldn’t imagine her life without her best friend Cameron, and after he vanished she was faced with a number of everyday problems at school, until her workaholic mother transfers her to a new high school, where she has the chance to be a new person.

Now living with an amazing new step-dad, a new home, many friends and a great boyfriend, you’d probably think Jennifer, or Jenna, as she is now called, is as happy as can be. This isn’t exactly the case though, Jenna is still haunted by the thoughts of Cameron and the secret they share. She continues going about her daily activities though. She continues to miss him.

Everything now ends up changing on Jenna’s birthday, when she ends up receiving a birthday card signed “love, Cameron.” Jenna freaks out realizing her childhood hero isn’t in fact dead, as she’s heard so many times before.

As weird as this all sounds, Cameron ends up being alive and enrolled in Jenna’s school. Jenna feels as though her life is being turned around in the best and most confusing of ways. She’s overjoyed to have Cameron back in her life, though her boyfriend isn’t. She hates having to feel as though she has to choose between the two, but she knows in her heart Cameron will always be her number one choice.

Things start to become complicated when Jenna’s friends want to become a part of Cameron and Jenna’s business. She becomes stressed with mixing her new life with her old life. Jenna knows however that this time she won’t let herself lose Cameron again. So what will she do when he warns her he won’t be staying forever? Only way to find out is to keep on reading!