Jon-Luc Lavoie

Jon-Luc Lavoie

Alicja Kania, A&E Editor

Quote: Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Major: Applied Exercise

Fun Fact: Enjoys doing obstacle/mud races like the Spartan race and is currently putting together a team for the Tough Mudder.

Jon-Luc Lavoie is definitely not the same person he was when he first walked through the doors of Ludlow High School four years ago. Back then, Jon-Luc made honor roll and had exceptional grades, however, he didn’t have many friends.

“I had great grades but hardly any friends. I mostly hung out with Kyle Benoit (senior at the time) and I wasn’t into sports or fitness or anything like that.” says Lavoie.

Freshmen year was easily Jon-Luc’s lowest point in high school and sophomore year didn’t seem any different other than he joined ski team, but junior year was the time everything changed.

“As I got older, life got better.” explains Lavoie.

Jon-Luc joined the track team and started going to the gym all the time. He made many new friends. His grades, on the other hand, started to decline and he no longer made honor roll. This doesn’t seem to bother Jon-Luc though.

“I definitely think that I’ve changed for the better.” says Lavoie.

Now in his senior year, Jon-Luc’s grades aren’t all that they used to be four years ago but above all he believes one of his greatest achievements was when he completed the Joshua D. Desforges Physical Fitness Challenge earlier this year.

Now Jon-Luc got accepted into Springfield College and received a scholarship so that tuition will be covered. There, Jon-Luc is already planning on doing track, power lifting and Mixed Martial Arts.

His biggest fear for college is that he’ll slack off, and what he’s most excited for is to dorm and to finally be on his own and learn about his major.

Jon-Luc’s aspiring to be a strength and conditioning coach for the NFL and would also love to open his own gym one day. However, these aren’t his only plans either.

“Unless a better opportunity presents itself, I’m considering joining the military after college because I think it’s the most respectable thing any person could do.” says Lavoie. “If it wasn’t for my college acceptance letter and Mr. Cote and Mr. Woodman’s influences, I would’ve gone to the military right away.” Lavoie explains.

Jon-Luc strongly believes that Mr. Cote and Mr. Woodman’s influences and great advice are what really got him through high school, they were always there for him no matter what.

As for any incoming freshmen, Jon-Luc’s advice is to “get as involved as you can and stay healthy and fit. And get a job.”