The Cub

Heather Roy, Staff Writer

You’ll most likely catch her driving a bit over the speed limit in the “little engine”, windows down, Nicki Minaj up!  Shockingly, her style of music may seem a bit “hood”, but Heather Roy is far from it with her overpoweringly big sunglasses, short acrylic nails, and expensive taste.  Though living in a town surrounded by soccer feins, she shies away from the sport and sticks to the dance floor (while giving in to attending a varsity soccer game here and there in support of #10).  She always knows what she wants, that is, except for when deciding where to attend college; but worrying is the last thing on her free-spirited mind.  She’s ready to live up her senior year to the fullest and worry after the big day on June 7th.

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Heather Roy