Morning “Bogey Crew” lights up before, during, and after school

Heather Roy, Staff Writer

It’s 7:10 a.m. early Monday morning. You’re pulling up to school, eyes barely opened, thinking about how comfortable your bed was and wishing you were still snuggled up in it. As you turn down Sgt. Joshua DesForges Way, an array of smoke clouds around a crew of kids: the Morning Boge Crew.

Page 42 of the LHS student handbook clearly states the restriction of tobacco products on school grounds, in school busses, in the school building, and at school functions. However, this “crew” religiously can be found puffing at what can arguably be considered school grounds.

I’m not against cigarettes. People have their habits and I’m not one to judge. However, I do believe there’s a fine line between downright disrespect and simply doing your thing. This is where the question lies: does the boge crew take it a little bit too far?

Senior Kelton Day, one member of this “Morning Boge Crew,” states he does not see the point in hiding it because it’s a known fact that he smokes and it clearly does not bother him doing it publicly. He finds this time with friends as relaxing and adds, “I’m addicted to cigarettes and I love a good cig in the morning. On rainy days it’s like we go out there and get back inside, but others we chill, talk, and enjoy it.”

The second 1:55 p.m. rolls around, you can catch this same crew, with a few added members, once again puffing after their long school day.

All this aside, they’re not harming anyone, and they have been reprimanded for this behavior, but what about those who feel the need to use tobacco products in school?

Junior Jocelyn Forcier is very against this outright disrespect. She straight up states, “kids who do this are stupid. They could easily get caught and get in trouble on school property.”

Though we all do love sitting on ashes while peeing in the girls room, it would be nice every once in a while to not reek like the aftermath of burnt nicotine after you exit.

Then there’s those who flat out rebel and “dip” right in front of their teachers. For those of you who don’t know, “dip” is smokeless tobacco that users put in their lip. Every now and then saliva builds up requiring the user to spit (swallowing would make them sick).

While the user make think he’s being stealthy, most students know what’s going on, and want to throw up every time your Arnold Palmer meets your bottom lip. (The Arnold Palmer can is a favorite spit vessel because it’s not clear.)

One of the students involved in this risque behavior has a lot to say about the subject. He talks about his very busy schedule inside and outside of school and states, “When I’m in class the only real thing I want to do is sleep. However, when I ‘dip’ it keeps me alert, focused and most importantly I am certainly not sleeping. I find I am more of an avid learner and my attention span is much greater.

“On another note, unlike cigarettes, ‘dip’ gives off no smoke or lingering scent that could disturb any person.”

Though he does express a good point about no second-hand smoke, it does not change the fact that it is not attractive and no one likes watching people do this. It also causes oral cancer.

So people crap on the morning crew but tobacco use is going on right in school, under the noses of teachers. So once again, does it really matter that this outside group of kids stands to the side of the school to rip their bogs before and after school?

In my opinion, it’s cutting it a little close, but let’s focus our judgement on those who are not only grossing us out, but also killing us with our foggy bathrooms everyday.