Ludlow’s pride taking new turns

Heather Roy, Staff Writer

The month of October is here and the students of LHS are finally getting out of summer mode and getting used to early mornings and hand cramping.

Luckily, our school doesn’t advocate for all work and no play. Spirit Week is coming up, and what’s a better way to demonstrate a little Lions’ Pride than participating in every fun-filled activity planned for the week?

We start this year’s events off by returning to a Battle of the Classes event we’re all familiar with. Every weekday, from Oct. 11 to Oct. 15, we will have a new theme to dress by.  Tuesday will be Sports Team Day, Wednesday will be Dress to Impress, Thursday is our annual Class Color Day, and Friday is Maroon and White Day.   Every day the participants will be counted, and the class with the most points by the end of the week will get a special treat from the administrators during seventh period on Friday.

Other opportunities for points include food drives, attendance percentages, paw print painting, and competitions at lunch.  All of these activities will help contribute to our community, personal, class, and school pride Mrs. Rebecca Gauvin is striving for in all our L.H.S. students.

One change to Spirit Week is the cancellation of the Pep Rally. Lions’ Pride leader Mrs. Gauvin made the executive decision to annex this tradition because, “it’s time for a change.”

She wants to add these Pep Rally events into our weekly activities instead, such as tug of war during half time at the football game Friday night.

“We’re looking for something for all students to get involved in, to bring everyone together, and have pride in our community and school,” said Gauvin.

Lastly, Saturday, October 15th, The Cub will be holding the annual Homecoming dance, which will have a Carnival theme this year.

“We’re going to have fun food that is included at [Homecoming]: popcorn, cotton candy, and slushies,”  said chair of Homecoming, senior Siearra Papuga.

So be sure to purchase your $15 ticket soon or miss out on the “Big Top” and our very own DJ Marvelous (senior Mario Nascimento) dropping beats all night.

As Gauvin suggests, “Let’s be proud to be a Ludlow Lion.”