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Alicia Ferreira

Alicia Ferreira, Staff Writer

In the secret world of Alicia Ferreira, she thinks she can spit sweet rhymes like Nicki Minaj or Drake, but in reality she’s as good at rapping as Lindsey Lohan is at staying out of tabloids. One of Alicia’s best assets is her smile, which is expressed not only when she’s listening to a joke she wishes she could tell, but also when taking out her aggression by kickboxing at the gym. Even with a GPS, Google map, and Mapquest directions she would still get lost in her own backyard.  Although it appears that Alicia Ferreira exemplifies everything “Ludlow,” just by being Portuguese, she does not. Sure Alicia enjoys the typical reality TV shows such as Jersey Shore and Jerseylicious, but what teenager doesn’t love those shows?, Portuguese or not. Unlike many girls Alicia doesn’t want to be a smack-talking, liquor-drinking, orange-skinned guidette. But sure, if Alicia ended up at the Jersey Shore, not only would she vomit from the fear of drowning (because she can’t swim), but also from the scent of all that hairspray.

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Alicia Ferreira