Icy Finish to Hockey Season

Alicia Ferreira, Staff Writer

The sticks hang up for the last time this season, as the Boys Hockey Team ends their season. The boys maintained a 9-9-3 record, leaving them in third place, which also meant they qualified for playoffs.

The team joined Longmeadow, East Longmeadow and Westfield for the division three WMASS tournament. The first game for the lions was held on March 5 at Olympia Ice Center, where they faced Westfield. Unfortunately the boys were defeated 6 to 1, which meant their tournament stretch was over.

“We lost at semi finals to a strong powerhouse team that we were capable of beating,” said senior Dylan Larrow. “As a whole we accomplished a good season, the entire team became a family together and those special bonds will last a lifetime. The season was full of good memories.”

Despite not reaching their goal team members still believe they ended the season on a good note.

“We didn’t reach our goal of going 15-5 for the year, but I feel it was a successful season taking account for all the injuries we dealt with at the end of the season,” said senior captain Brett Bohl.

After getting a hat trick early on in the season, Bohl finished the year atop the league leaderboard in assists.

“It feels good to be the top leader, but I couldn’t lead Western Mass in assists if it weren’t for my teammates putting the puck in the net,” said Bohl.

Although, Bohl wasn’t the only captain to place as a stat contestant, Larrow also qualified in the category for points, acquiring 37 at the end of the season.

“I feel good that I qualified, I worked hard and long to achieve that status and it’s nice to have been recognized,” said Larrow. “The season went pretty well for me this year. I enjoyed going to practice everyday and playing in all the games. It’s sad to see the season end,” said Larrow.