7 Superb Suggestions for Summer Vacation

7 Superb Suggestions for Summer Vacation

Lauren Teixeira, Editor of Editorials

With less than a month left in the school year, the anticipation for summer fun is growing. Here are some simple and entertaining ways to make the most out of the upcoming summer vacation.

  • Go to the beach — It may be a little obvious but nothing can beat a fun day in the sun with friends. Make a day out of it: have a cook-out, bring a speaker, walk the sea-line, take artsy pictures. Enjoy the sun, the sky, and the sea and make some memories with friends.


  • Make an at-home outdoor movie theater —Drop a white sheet from a balcony and pick up a smartphone projector for as low as $15 (you can even make your own with simple online tutorials). Next thing you know, magnified versions of your favorite films are streaming in your backyard.


  • Do an “escape room” —Step into the shoes of Nancy Drew or Sherlock Holmes for a little while. You and some friends will have an hour to solve a riddle and escape the room. Will you be able to work together to get out in time?


  • Have a bonfire —Some summer nights can get qute chilly. Gather some friends around a bonfire to warm up and enjoy the company. You can even get creative and roast hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire.


  • Go to an amusement park —Amusement parks are always a blast, whether you go with friends or family. They’re full of exciting coasters, fun games, and lots of junk food. The local Six Flags is a classic trip, but don’t be afraid to drive a little while to try something new, like Lake Compounce in Bristol, CT.


  • Host a BBQ —The typical BBQ with hot dogs, hamburgers, pool fun, and yard games is a timeless classic. BBQs are always fun and leaves great memories so gather some friends and family and fire up that grill.


  • Go to a concert or sporting event —A day out to a concert or baseball game is always an enjoyable experience. Cheer for your favorite team or dance to your favorite song and just live in the moment while making lasting memories.