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LHS prepares students for college


On May 18, 2024, the Elms College senior class graduated with a record-breaking seven valedictorians. What may come as a surprise is that three of those valedictorians came from the same high school, our very own Ludlow Senior High. Stephanie Afonso, Maverick Huber, and Alyssa Moore of the graduating class of 2020 shared their thoughts on how Ludlow led them to success.

Afonso credits Mr. Mulvehill, Mrs. Anderson,, and Mr. Cangemi for allowing her to embrace what led to her double major in history and English. Huber credits Mr. Martin, whom she was a math assistant for, for teaching her all about lesson planning and grading when she wanted to be a teacher. Lastly, Moore credits Ludlow High School as a whole, “I think that it says something about Ludlow High School,” she claims, “It’s the whole nature versus nurture thing. We just needed a little nurturing.” 

While exploring the success these three Ludlow Alumn have gained I asked myself a question. How do other graduates of Ludlow High feel Ludlow has prepared them for college? I took it upon myself to answer that very question. 

I asked three graduates a series of questions to analyze each of their Ludlow experiences, and see where it took them. These questions included which college they were going to, what major they were taking, how do you feel Ludlow prepared you, what teachers influenced you, and did you feel unprepared for anything.

The first person I interviewed was Olivia Guerin, a graduate of the class of 2023. She is attending UMass, Ahmerst, for French and Francophone studies. She attributes Ludlow High School for the emphasis it has on college prep. Throughout AP classes and senior year numerous resources were provided for hundreds of opportunities.

Due to Ludlow’s wide expanse of resources and preparation based curriculum, Olivia felt there was nothing she was not prepared for. Ludlow taught her what she could do to get into a great college; it was her choice to follow those teachings. She states, “the most they can do is help with explaining how to apply but beyond that it’s all sort of up to you as an individual to make those choices and figure out your path.”

As for what led her to finding her path she would like to thank the influence of Mr. Rea who taught her senior year AP Literature. His college essay assignment kept her motivated for college. He also had some chats with her in which he mentioned his wife spoke French, which connected something for Olivia that made her realize she found languages interesting. I had the pleasure of knowing Olivia in my sophomore year Honors French 3 class. It was quite easy to see how that class set her up for a successful future. 

The next person I asked was Abby McClintock who graduated this year. They are attending Western New England University for a dual major in Electrical Engineering and Computer engineering while attempting a minor in Mechanical Engineering. They claim, “I think I’m prepared going in, less because of the curriculum but because of a few teachers who did way more then is expected of them to give me vital skills to succeed in college.”

Abby attributes the value of Ludlow to individuals. They brought up several teachers as examples to how Ludlow paved their path. 

Mr. Mulvehill, as many of you know, has an extreme, but more than a beneficial system of note-taking that many have carried through their four years of Ludlow, I know I have. Abby thanks that note-taking as it prepared them for college note-taking in just her freshman year. They also attribute to Mulvehill’s “just go out and do it” demeanor which made them believe that even they could change the world. 

Mr. Campbell finished the curriculum earlier than normal allowing a couple weeks to go over basic life skills. Ms. Stratton and Mr. Walsh provided them with different logistical skills to manipulate equations, a skill they will definitelay carry to her future career. Ms. Pighetti and Ms. Doney also aided them by providing a safe space in which they could explore their identity and understand their neuro divergency in a much more healthy way.

Abby McClintock

The only thing that Abby seemed unprepared for was more adultish tasks such as resumes and handling emergency situations they might have to face in the future. However, I think we can all agree that not even years of education could fully prepare you for life. 

The last person I interviewed was another member of the 2024 graduating class, Khruanha Naiyanan, whom we may all know as ‘Ning.’ Ning is attending Rutgers for a major in Biomedical Engineering. 

She gives credit to the guidance counselors who quite literally guide us through our four years of high school. “The counselors are always checking up on us and there’s always some teachers who ask what we think we are going to do and they give us tips on how to proceed.”

Ning’s greatest thanks is to Coach Anderson who encouraged her to apply to the Caddie Scholarship she received and encouraged her to be better at golf, in which I think we can say, she succeeded. 

From what I can gather through multiple interviews is that it is truly the individual relationships that encourage growth and succession in our futures. It is only upheld by the values of our school. 

I believe that all of us whether freshman or upcoming seniors, such as myself, can already see the changes that simple teacher interactions have. Mr. Cangemi, whose assignment is the reasoning of this article, encouraged me to find something truly meaningful to write about. 

I believe that this article will encourage you to look closer. See how just simple lessons have made you learn more, experience more, and know more. Pay attention to how different you were from the year before. 

Ludlow is here to change you for the better, and if the interviews show anything it is that Ludlow succeeds. Ludlow has prepared hundreds of students for college life and it will continue to do so. 

As our 2024 seniors leave to spread across the country to pursue their futures, I hope they too find value in what Ludlow has provided them. And as you find your path, I hope you will look back to what Ludlow provided you. 


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