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Dynamic Duo: The Goncalves Brothers’ Unforgettable Impact on Ludlow High School

The Goncalves Brothers: Chris (left) and Jon (right)

Perusing down the LHS hallways you hear the buzz of some twins going around. The first set you think of are the Goncalves brothers. 

We all know of the Goncalves brothers, Jonathon and Christopher, but do we actually know them? 

Having shared some classes with Chris and Jon, I think I can speak for most people on how they always come into class with some type of story. Stories about sports, golf, or each other, take up the first 5 minutes of class a majority of the days.  Their fun, loud, and lively personalities fill whatever room they’re in. 

First born of the twins, Jonathan Goncalves, shared his daily routine, which consists of “going to school, ripping the gym and hanging with the boys.” Jon balances an honors school schedule along with either tennis or soccer and a life outside of school. 

Jon uses his weekends to unwind by enjoying a “fire or function” with his friends. He claims this time with the boys prepares him for the upcoming week filled with school work, tennis, or soccer. 

Jon is a very athletic individual. Coming to Ludlow from a previous varsity spot on Pope Francis’s soccer team, Jon secured a position on the Ludlow boys varsity soccer team. On the team he played a crucial role in the team’s dynamic by supplying them with his good spirit, humor, and positive attitude for the 2023 season.

Unfortunately, due to an injury to his ankle early in the season, Jon was restricted in what he could do for his team. But, this injury did not stop him from excelling as a teammate.

“Often being there for teammates when coming off the field ,” as sophomore Mikey Mariani stated, Jon Goncalves was “always there for me with a big smile, encouraging attitude, and a water in his hand.” Not only a one-sport athlete, Jon decides to take his athleticism to the courts in the spring. He excels in this as well. The Ludlow boys varsity tennis team profits off Jon’s school spirit and athleticism in which he brings to the court. 

Chris is very energetic and can get people laughing no matter what his story is. He is always telling stories.

Chris also partakes in many honors and AP classes. There is never a dull moment in a class with him. Most teachers believe Chris has a very likeable personality and loves to contribute to class discussions.

“Chris’s group won the multiple choice challenge in AP Language,” said teacher Charles Cangemi. “It was fun watching him bond with his teammates Caitlyn Day, Austin Assaf, and Sophia Scyocurka. Chris was integral to the success of the team and helped them earn 15 bonus points.”

On the weekends Chris spends his time at his family-owned mini golf and driving range, River Hollow. You can often also find him golfing at Ludlow Country Club where he spends his afternoons. When he is not working, he enjoys hanging out with his friends and watching sports. His favorite teams to watch are the Bruins, Celtics, and Red Sox.  

Aside from school, Chris says he is “a very sporty guy.” If he is not practicing soccer outside you’ll often find him hitting the golf range. Although both brothers actively golf, Chris describes himself as “nutty at golf.” He is also a triple sport athlete for the school by participating in soccer, wrestling, and tennis.

Even though his talents in wrestling and tennis should not go unnoticed, it’s hard to not pay attention to his success in soccer. Chris earned his starting spot for the varsity team this fall due to his hard work which really showed during the season. From scoring his goal in the elite 8 state game and putting in the work on the field, he was an important player for the team. 

Something you may not know about Jon is that he is very into cars. He is obsessed with his own car as a matter of fact, and likes to rev his engine in the school parking lot to get the attention of his peers. His dream car is a Porsche 911 GT3 rs. Another fun fact about Jon is that he casually vibes to the catchy tune of songs written by Justin Bieber. 

One thing about Chris is that he is very family-oriented. He is very close with his cousin, AJ, who lives in New York, and loves to visit him in the summer. He spends a lot of time golfing with his dad as well as watching sports with him. Chris is also very close with his mom and enjoys spending quality time with her no matter the occasion.

Jon is famous in and outside of school. He likes to participate as an influencer outside of school. He makes and posts videos on the popular app “Tik Tok.” He likes to post relatable and lighthearted content and connect with his viewers over Tik Tok Live’s as well. His videos are often made with friends. 

After high school, Chris hopes to attend Western New England University and plans to play some kind of sport during his time there. He wants to study and eventually become an entrepreneur, following in his dad’s footsteps. 

Like Chris, Jon hopes to attend college to become an entrepreneur. He plans on working hard to achieve this goal in order to have a successful career. 

Although the twins can be a lot at some times, the Goncalves brothers are truly unforgettable people and have a huge impact on Ludlow High School. 


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