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Steve Talbot
Steve Talbot is a man of many hats. During the rare moments when he’s not doing something related to pro wrestling, Steve can be found plastering Facebook with humorous quips. Or, just things that he finds funny. Thanks to the magic of the internet, Steve became an ordained minister in the summer of 2009. Seriously. Aside from his wide array of extracurricular activities (including Student Council and the Ludlow High School Morning Radio show), Steve is most proud of his straightedge lifestyle. He holds the distinct honor of being Western Massachusetts’ worst shot-putter, but found his Track & Field niche in the 100m sprint. After failed attempts to master piano, trumpet, guitar, recorder, and the iPod bongo app, Steve learned he could sing, and has been doing it since. In the short term, Steve hopes to major in Communications, focusing on either broadcasting or screenwriting.

Steve Talbot, Sports Editor

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