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Teacher Feature: Brehaut joins LHS staff

Ms. Brehaut new U.S. History and Psychology/Sociology teacher.
Ms. Brehaut new U.S. History and Psychology/Sociology teacher.

A new school year has begun at Ludlow High School, and with the new year have come some new faces.

Following multiple retirements last year, the LHS administration was tasked with making several new hires. Among these is Ms. Jessica Brehaut, who teaches both social studies and psychology/sociology.

Brehaut, a Minnechaug alum, chose to study history in the eighth grade.

“I knew that I wanted to encourage young people to study history and become better citizens,” she said.

After spending a year at Emmanuel College in Boston, Brehaut decided that she was better suited in a large university. She transferred to UMass Amherst, and in 2010, earned her Bachelor’s Degree as a history major.

Brehaut enjoyed life at UMass so much that she attended graduate school there, earning a Master’s Degree in Education in May.

She chose to apply at Ludlow High School because, “the moment I stepped into LHS, I knew that this was the place for me…the teachers and staff were welcoming, genuine, and extremely supportive. I wanted to be a part of the tight-knit school community here,” says Brehaut.

Now, following her first full week as a member of the LHS community, Brehaut has noticed the family feeling within LHS.

“I admire the staff and students…because everyone is very supportive to one another,” she said.

Brehaut is looking forward to being a member of the LHS family outside of the classroom, as well.

“I hope to become an advisor for a club here, or maybe even coach. I’m excited to attend different sporting events [and] activities that various student-run clubs will put on throughout the year,” she said.

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