Juniors to host farewell ceremony for graduating seniors

Steve Talbot, Sports Editor

Senior Farewell: the junior class’ annual opportunity to recognize and thank the seniors for their contributions to Ludlow High School before graduation.

On June 9, the Class of 2012 looks to put a new twist on an old tradition. Though the junior class tried to return the ceremony to its roots by hosting it in the gymnasium, predicted heat forced them into the air-conditioned auditorium. This ruined plans to host all four LHS classes at the ceremony, though the sophomores, juniors, and, of course, seniors will still be allowed to attend.

The ceremony will still be unique with a modification to the popular Senior Slideshow that junior class advisor Amber Lowe is keeping a secret from the seniors, along with incorporation of the arch bearers.

 The juniors have spent over a month preparing for Senior Farewell, running rehearsals throughout the week leading up to the event.

“[Senior Farewell] is one of Ludlow’s best traditions,” co-advisor Michelle Fontana said, “and enthusiasm has really grown. The vibe [has been] awesome, and everybody is getting psyched.”

One of the most popular parts of the ceremony is known to most students simply as “The Skit,” a satirical portrayal of the graduating class as performed by the juniors. Juniors Siearra Papuga, Kaycee Pereira, and Heather Roy co-wrote, “The Skit” for this year.

“[The portrayed seniors] were picked from suggestions, and we narrowed it down to people that everyone knows about so that the whole crowd understands,” says Papuga.

Meetings for Senior Farewell began in May, and juniors were quickly selected for the various roles.

“If [a junior] volunteered to be a character, I wouldn’t object to it, but if we didn’t have a person, I would offer it to someone,” Papuga said of the selection process.

The seniors have expressed high hopes for the ceremony to Fontana.

“They expect a moving ceremony, and a really good slideshow,” she said, “and we expect to deliver on both accounts.”

The sentiments and expectations are shared by the juniors, who hope to deliver a memorable farewell to the graduating class.

“I hope it goes by really smoothly, and there aren’t any mess-ups or anything that expects the whole show. I want it to turn out like they expect it to,” says Papuga.