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Richie LaRocque

Richie LaRocque, Editorial Editor

When thinking of the term sophisticated, one such Richard LaRocque might not always come to mind. However in his free time, LaRocque can be found indulging in high class delicacies such as classical music, casual winter sports, and the good old American pastime. Now, of course, the term “high class delicacies” is in the eye of the beholder, and to LaRocque, indulging in classical music means unapologetically slamming Nirvana and the Offspring on his pearly white Stratocaster®. Casual winter sports, in his eyes, directly translates to carelessly launching himself off of 50 foot kickers on his skis, and for those of you in Ludlow who are unaware, the American pastime is Baseball, LaRocque is the varsity catcher….get your mind out of the gutter. Additionally, LaRocque is the 2nd year Editorial Editor on The Cub, which is the primary reason he has written this bio. He plans to go to college, potentially to become a veterinarian because he really likes animals. Frequently referred to as lazy, LaRocque just relies on his overwhelming natural intelligence rather than worrying excessively about the stress of schoolwork. That's all he felt like writing.

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Richie LaRocque