NHS Inductions go off without a hitch


Richie LaRocque, Editorial Editor

On Feb. 28 one of the most prestigious coalitions of high school students in the country accepted a new class of members from Ludlow High School.  With 41  new members, Mrs. Dolores Nacewicz, advisor of the NHS department in our school, did her best to assure that all the students that were eligible, were inducted.

“To be eligible for induction, a student has to have a 3.33 grade point average with no grades below a 70 on their transcript. Additionally, they need to have two teacher recommendations, 20 hours of long term community service, and less than 20 hours of short term community service. Students must also have very few disciplinary issues, only facing no more than one office detention every year, with no extended detentions and no suspensions,” said Nacewicz. “I usually expect between 50 and 75 percent of the potential induction class because some students just meet only the academic requirements, and others wind up having disciplinary issues.”

And with 77% of the initial 53 students who were eligible being inducted, Nacewicz’s prediction was spot on. With such high requirements to meet, the percentile of the students that are enrolled in NHS is very low.

“I think its great, looking at what? 10 percent of the students in a class, and that’s a really good percentage. It says a lot about those students and their commitment and involvement to the school,” she said.

And being in the National Honors Society is certainly an accomplishment to be proud of. When asked about the new inductees, senior Adam Leecock, president of NHS said “It’s always nice to have new members and to see more people trying as hard as they can in school, and being devoted to their community.”

The ceremony, taking place  at The Exit 7 Theatre, was lead by President Leecock and senior Vice President Aimee Goncalves, as well as Nacewicz of course. The new members, in addition to being in the prestigious group of students, receive an unlimited library pass, and have an excellent item to put down on their résumé.

However, being in NHS isn’t all fun and games, the members, including the new inductees, are required to help with NHS functions, such as Relay 4 Life and Pennies for Patients in the spring. Nacewicz, discussing the benefits of being in NHS said “I just wish that there were more benefits for the members. I mean, they’ve worked so hard to get here, and all they get is a library pass.”