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Paige Mullins

Paige Mullins, Staff Writer

Paige Mullins. There’s no describing this one: she’s loud, sporty, and speaks her mind. She rolls out of bed last minute every morning before school. Ask her if she wants to be up that early in the morning, she'll ROAR! at you like the true Ludlow Lion she is. If Paige is mad you'll be able to find her at the pool blowing off steam, swimming lap after lap. If she's happy she's got a Victorian-era book in hand by the fire or the pool outside. Paige is not afraid to reach for her goals! In her senior year of high school, she has taken an opportunity to put her foot in the door at the Local news station ABC40/FOX6 with her internship. She’s a four-year Varsity Swimmer and two-year Varsity Softball player. She holds a job as a lifeguard during the school year at the local boys and girls club, and in the summer at the town pond. And that's Paige. She's crazy outspoken and just herself without a care as to who thinks what of her.

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Paige Mullins