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Melissa Modzelewski

Melissa Modzelewski, Business Manager

Growing up with a French and Polish ancestry, but living in a town owned by Portugal, Melissa Modzelewski is not the typical Ludlowite.  This has allowed her to see that there is life outside of raising innocent bunnies for food and drinking vinho.  While driving she thinks that she is a rapper, although she cannot pull off the “apple bottom jeans or boots with the fur”.  Melissa is a neat freak and hates anything involving dirt.  The only thing associated with dirt that she likes is sand and that is because she likes to survey the beach for attractive young men… Can you blame her?  Her guilty pleasures include eating some late night McDonald’s double cheeseburgers and singing Celine Dion in the car.  She hates the McStomach ache that follows, but loves it when the car next to her at a traffic light joins her in singing “My Heart Will Go On” or “Respect”.  She starts off her day with a waffle.  Every. Single. Day.  Then Melissa enjoys ending it with some Chelsea.  Anyone that has met her knows her burning loves for the outrageous and inappropriate Chelsea Handler who she aspires to be and will be one day.

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Melissa Modzelewski