Seniors anticipate class activities

Melissa Modzelewski, Business Manager

For the class of 2011 it has been an odd senior year to say the least.  Sure seniors loved the snow days because they don’t have to make them up.  But with the gym, auditorium, and other classrooms closed, this is a year clearly unlike any other.

Ludlow High School has had seven snow days this year.  This includes the two almost unheard of, back-to-back double snow days. So the question in all seniors minds is “so when do we get out?”

The last day of classes for seniors is  May 23. The remainder of the week is for the senior finals.

The graduation date of  June 11 has not changed.  It remains at the Mullins Center at 2:00pm.

Senior week will take place through two calendar weeks. Senior week will be kicked off with the mystery trip which will take place on June 3. Following this will be the Class Picnic on June 6, Class Night on June 7 at Chicopee High School, Senior Farewell and Class Banquet on June 8, and finally graduation on June 11.

“All activities will be incredible and it would be nice for the entire senior class to participate,” says Mrs. Rebecca Mathisen, advisor of the class of 2011.