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Brianne Wheelock

Brianne Wheelock, Feature Editor

If you have ever wanted to know how to become an exceptionally awesome human being, Brianne is obviously over-qualified for your inquiries. In her most natural environment she is suffering from a caffeine-high, rocking out to Lady Gaga while simultaneously Facebook-stalking cute boys and shopping compulsively for even more completely unneeded new clothes.  Despite her over-active shopping habit, every morning she can be found yelling about how she has nothing to wear.  An avid New Englander, Brianne can often be heard overusing the term “wicked” or screaming at the TV during any Boston sports game.  She also has many terrible dark secrets such as her love for Justin Bieber and her obsession with Jersey Shore. A typical Friday night ripper to her consists of Beyoncé dancing to 90’s music and enthusiastically watching the History channel through all hours of the night.  Brianne also enjoys romantic walks to the refrigerator and pumping iron at the gym.

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Brianne Wheelock