Riley Londraville’s Journey As Class President


Haleigh Tauscher, Guest Writer

This year’s senior class president, Riley Londraville, plans to get more students involved in school activities to create the best experience for the class of 2023, making this “a year to remember.” 

Senior year is the pinnacle of high school: senior trips, the senior picnic, and senior week activities are all events seniors enjoy— and events Londraville has to plan for. 

An important topic for many students is field trips. Londraville plans to work with the class advisor, Mr. Campbell, to visit Salem, Massachusetts, in the fall. Salem is the sight of the witch trials that occurred in the 1600s. Many juniors are familiar with the story after reading “The Crucible” in English class. 

Toward the end of the year, Londraville would like to plan a fun beach trip. “Our class was sort of jealous of the seniors who went to Newport,” she said.

Senior Prom is another event seniors go to, however it’s one Londraville doesn’t have to plan. 2022’s prom was one of Londraville great’s accomplishments and is something she hopes to remember.  While talking, she reflected on her time planning for it. 

“I love to be behind the scenes and see everything come together like prom,” said Londraville. There were so many people who participated and had fun.

Another hot topic for all classes is spirit week. The Class of 2023 has not been successful in any spirit week.

“I don’t understand why it can’t be how it was at prom,” Londraville said.

“It’s been really bad,” said Alivia Hamel, “our class does well with other things, but for some reason, we don’t show up for spirit days.”

Londraville knows the senior class’s concern, “Creating unity throughout the class is what I strive for and what I’ve talked about in all my speeches,” says Londraville. “I just want to have fun with spirit weeks and actually win something.” 

As the next graduating class we need to step up our game in all school activities. 

Even with Londraville’s great accomplishments throughout her years, Senior year brings about new stresses.

It’s difficult for any class president to plan activities for the senior class. Londraville said she is in constant contact with bus companies, invoices, checks and deposits. Class officers need to help with t-shirts, proms, the senior show, and other activities. 

2022’s senior class advisor, Mrs. Smith commented on how senior year can be stressful. 

“I do think next year is going to be more stressful for Riley.  While she won’t have the pressure of putting on the prom or Senior Farewell, she will have to plan the Senior Week activities.  This will be in addition to applying to college and deciding what she wants to do with the rest of her life!  I hope that Riley will effectively use her fellow executive board members and representatives to help ease the burden on herself to plan these things.  I also hope that she will allow herself some grace and realize that she will not please everyone no matter how hard she tries.” said Mrs. Smith. 

Londraville is starting senior year with an optimistic outlook. “I know it’s going to be difficult but I’m up for the challenge.” 

As the class of 2023 starts their senior year with Riley Londraville as class president, seniors know that it will be “a year to remember”.