Riley Londraville Runs For Reelection


Madelyn Ogorzalek, Feature Editor

This year, Riley Londraville, the class of 2023’s president of the past 2 years, is running for reelection. Heading into her senior year, Riley is ready for the increase of responsibility that comes with being senior class president.

Riley first ran for the position because she “truly enjoys planning and being behind the scenes;” but has discovered that she more-so loves that “the events will become memories we will hold for a life-time.” Throughout her years as president, Riley loves seeing her classmates get excited about events she helped plan, and she hopes to continue her tradition of memory-making next year.  

To Riley, the most important thing for senior year is unity and participation. It’s something the junior class lacks, and something she has a plan to solve. Through planning class events, like the junior class movie night, Riley hopes participation will increase. The movie night, a huge success, has shown itself to be one of the most unified event of junior year, proving that her plan will likely work.

More than that, Riley wants the student body to participate in class government. She truly “wants your voice to be heard.” She wants every student to know that their voice will make a difference. Riley loves hearing the opinions of different students when they show up to the class meetings (which are announced on google classroom). 

Since joining the student council two years ago, Riley has also had a passion for community service. Next year, Riley wants to incorporate community service into the class, something she’s doing now with Cradles For Crayons. 

Riley wants her class to know that her journey “ doesn’t stop here,” and that she has “much higher hopes for our senior year.