Mr. Hanson Teacher Profile


Ludlow High School welcomes Mr. Eric Hanson, who is taking the place of Mrs.Courtney after her retirement.  Mr. Hanson has taught both Business and history over the past six years and received his Masters in Education from Westfield State. He teaches marketing, game design, business law, computer science, and personal finance. 

When asked which subject he liked teaching best, he answered, “Marketing for sure. It’s everywhere we look. Marketing influences consumer purchasing decisions.  We are surrounded by companies competing for our business”. Mr.Hanson described marketing as the importance of branding, market segmentation which helps companies target the right people for their products, strategies for determining what types of goods and services people want, pricing and where consumers can acquire these products among other things.

Outside of the classroom, Mr. Hanson likes to bowl, play golf and umpire baseball. On the weekends, he and his wife drive up to Maine where they stay at their condo. Besides Massachusetts, Mr. Hanson has also lived in New York, Connecticut, Georgia, Florida, and his home state of New Jersey.

When asked why he loves teaching so much, he said, “My job is to get you guys prepared for the real world… Now teaching is a calling, not a job; either you have it or you don’t and that’s what makes it so special.”