The Price of Prom

Anna Belculfine, Editor in Chief

It is that time of year again when students are already starting to look for and buy their prom dresses. However, what most people don’t consider is how much money prom really costs in total. Even though prom is still months away, some students are already calculating the hundreds of dollars needed for the one special night.

First, there are the tickets. A lot needs to go into consideration to get the total price of the tickets. Dinner at Chez Josef located in Agawam, will cost about $40 per person, the cost of which will be added to the ticket. Students will have a choice between various non-alcoholic beverages, including frozen drinks. Drinks average out to about $12 per person, also adding to the ticket price

The need for security, having 3 officers paid at $35 an hour, costs over $500 for the night. Invitations and favors would have to be included in the total cost along with DJ and photo booth.

¨I think it’s expensive but no matter where we go it’ll be around the same price,¨ says junior class advisor Charlie Cangemi, “The prom committee is making decisions on how much to spend on food, decorations, etcetera. It’s not a cheap night.”

After averaging out everything needed to put prom together, tickets will cost an estimated $70-80 per student this year.

Next, there’s the dress. Girls are already starting to look for and purchase their prom dresses, and they aren’t cheap. Local places such as Just B in Springfield, David’s Bridal in West Springfield, and Modern Bridal in Indian Orchard, are just a few places where students shop.

¨When I went to David’s Bridal last week, I noticed that their dresses are inexpensive and they usually have a lot of dresses to choose from,¨ says senior Kellie Salmond.

Senior, Brianna Chabot, has estimated that her last year of attending prom will roughly cost her $620. To cut down on part of her total, Chabot plans to do her own makeup.

So here’s a breakdown of costs thus far:

Dress: $350 (including alterations)

Hair: $60

Shoes: $40

Nails: $25

Spray tan: $30

Jewelry: $40

Ticket: $75

Junior, Bridget Murphy will be attending prom for the first time on May 5. Murphy will be spending an estimated $565. Here’s her breakdown:

Dress: $250

Hair: $60

Makeup: $40

Nails: $30

Spray tan: $30

Shoes: $40

Jewelry: $40

Ticket: $75

¨I believe prom is extremely overpriced for everything a girl needs for one night,¨ says senior Savannah Papuga.

Papuga roughly spent $580 on her junior prom last year. She estimates of spending around $540 this year, not including the price of her ticket. Papuga plans to reuse her heels from last year to help cut down on her total cost and save more money.

¨I was fortunate enough last year to have my moms help with buying my dress along with my older sister who helped pay for my hair and makeup,” she says. ¨After adding everything together that I need, I am really shocked at how costly prom is for me.¨

Tanning is another thing girls at LHS do to prepare for prom. Wilbraham Tan is local and is one of the more popular places to go to. Another option for tanning is Wicked Tan located in Springfield, MA. Many girls start to tan early, and go for ¨trial runs¨ for spray tans during February vacation to test out how it’ll look for prom.

For girls who don’t want to lay in a tanning bed or get a spray tan, self tanning is always another option.

¨I use Jergens Natural Glow self tanner because it’s more of a gradual and natural look,¨ says senior Anna Orlandi. ¨Its cheap too, it only cost about $13.¨

One last thing to think about is whether or not to get a limo for the night. You would share the cost with other couples to cut down the total cost.

¨I paid $56 last year for a hummer limo and around ten other people split the cost,¨ says senior Lauren Teixeira. The price she paid included a tip for the driver.